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   We exhibit, some (only some, because the attraction of the zone is enormous) from the interesting destinations to visit about Piles:


  • Mondúver - Cova del Parpalló. With 841 meters, the Mondúver is the highest peak of the zone. Its considerable altitude and its proximity to the sea make it an extraordinary viewpoint of the Valencian Coast. In its slopes is the cave of the Parpalló, famous for having found in it unique cave paintings of sort.

  •  Gandía. At about 5 km, is a regented visit. Giving a walk by the city we can visit the Ducal Palace of the Borja (s. XIV-XVII), example of noble architecture with multiple halls and galleries full of art works, the Colegiata of Santa Maria (s. XIV-XVI), a gothic church built on old mosque, the Archaeological museum, with rest of all the civilizations that have inhabited the zone from the paleolíthic to our days. We can, later, move on to the Grao, where  the port is and, in the evening, we can see the waloading of the fish and its auction. web


  • Safari Park (Vergel- Alicante). Excellent place to spend a day with your family watching animals in freedom (lions, tigers, elephants, monkeys, etc.). Also it has shows with seals, parrots and papagayos, restaurants, children's train, etc. web


  •  Cueva de Les Calaveres (Benidoleig). It's a cave with great geologic and archaeological value, due to the important findings in its interior. In addition to the paleolithic and eneolithic rest, have also been important paleontological rest of hyenas, horses, bears, bulls, hippos and rhinos, deposited in the museum of Alcoy.


  •  Reial Monestir de Santa María de la Valldigna. In the outskirts of Simat of the Valldigna, about to 30 km of the Piles Beach and  5 km from the town of Tavernes of the Valldigna, a cisterciense monastery founded in 1298 by Jaime II The Just.


  •  Terra Mítica. The impressive thematic park, greatest of Europe, with multitude of attractions for all ages. Acclimated in the civilizations that inhabited the Mediterranean. Located next to the tourist large city of Benidorm at 50 km from Piles Beach. web


  •  Ciutat de les Arts i de les Ciències. Located in Valencia, to 75 km of distance. The Museum of Sciences Prince Felipe can be visited , l'Oceanogràfic, l'Hemisfèric and the Palace of Opera. Of essential visit, considered the best cultural-idle complex of Europe and one of the best ones of the world.  web


  •  Bioparc Valencia. Located in Valencia, about to 75 km of distance. A new "zoo" with free animals. It's a necesary visit. web.


  •  America's Cup Port. Situated at 75 km distance. An essential visit for the lovers of sailing and the sport in general, as well as of those who simply wish to enjoy equipped facilities to celebrate it. We must emphasize that the port of the near city of Gandía is subhost of this prestigious event. web


  • Circuito de la Comunidad Valenciana. At Cheste (Valencia), about to 95 km. of distance. There take place races of the motorcycle world championship and other important motor races. web


  • Circuito urbano F1 Valencia. In the maritime part of Valencia,  at 75 km. of distance. web




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